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This…this used to be my home.

Resolute Bay, Nunavut: an Arctic community 3405 kilometres north of Ottawa that is about as far north as you can find in this world, which - at the time we lived there - was a tiny hamlet of 220 people.

This March, Erin and I will mark our 10th anniversary of leaving Resolute (we moved “south” to Yellowknife in 2004), but it will always be a special part of our lives…for it changed our lives dramatically.

We moved to the Arctic from the Canadian east coast where we struggled to make ends meet. The North, to us, was a land of opportunity, and opportunity found us. Or we found it (I can’t be certain).

I was not a photographer before I moved north. I barely knew how to operate the most basic of 2MP digital cameras when we crossed the Arctic Circle back in 2002. But in Resolute, and in the North, I found my passion.

I was inspired by the beauty of the place, but also by the people. People in the north tend to do that.